4 = ordinary, plain [plainer -comp., plainest -sup.], run-of-the-mill, everyday.
Ex. Control is exercised over which terms are used, but otherwise the terms are ordinary words.
Ex. He went on to explain that while there were no unsightly slums, there was a fairly large district of rather nondescript homes intermingled with plain two- and three-family brick and frame dwellings, principally in the eastern reaches of the city.
Ex. Guides are almost always worth thinking of as the first type of bibliography to search when it is a quick check of run-of-the-mill bibliographical facts which is required.
Ex. We have too much invested, and the new systems too intimately integrated into the everyday operation of the library, for us to assume any longer that we can temper their influence on emerging standards.
* al corriente = in step, paid-up, in good standing.
* al corriente de = in step with.
* catalogación corriente = current cataloguing.
* común y corriente = unremarkable.
* corriente y moliente = run-of-the-mill.
* cuenta corriente = current account, checking account, deposit account.
* día corriente = ordinary day.
* estar al corriente = monitor + developments.
* gente común y corriente, la = common people, the.
* gente corriente, la = ordinary people.
* hombre corriente, el = common man, the.
* mantenerse al corriente = keep + current.
* mantenerse al corriente de = keep + abreast of, stay + abreast of.
* normal y corriente = unremarkable.
* ponerse al corriente = come up to + speed.
* ponerse al corriente de = catch up with, catch up on.
* puesta al corriente = update [up-date].

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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